Morwick Dairy Ice Cream

We feel that the majority of ice cream bought today in your local supermarket has lost that traditional farmhouse taste – So we thought we’d do something about it!

Flavour of the month

Avocado Ice Cream

Yes, yes. You've read right. Our latest creation is our very refreshing avocado ice cream! with over 1 and a half avocados per litre of ice cream, it adds a subtle and unique flavour, creating a very rich and creamy texture.

We also think you can count it as 1 of your 5 a day! ( or 2 depending on how many scoops you have!)

Here at Morwick Dairy we believe ice cream should be a genuine treat. Using traditional manufacturing techniques a million miles away from the mass production plants of the ice cream industry giants, we have developed our recipes and flavours to bring back the true experience of farmhouse dairy ice cream.

We use only the best ingredients and our recipes are based on a traditional farmhouse style ice cream with a smooth creamy taste. Quality and freshness are priorities and we make the ice cream in small batches using our own fresh full cream milk, blended with cream, sugar and the finest ingredients to make the flavour of your choice.

We have a selection of over 160 flavours of ice cream and refreshing fruit ices!

To wet your appetite, we have listed a brief selection for your, "virtual" taste buds:

The taste of Morwick Dairy Ice Cream is unique because of the way we make it

  • It is our own truly personalised product
  • We create ice cream from only the best milk and cream
  • Producing a smooth, dense and delicious product
  • Only made with fresh ingredients
  • Creating ice cream direct for our customers
  • Creating our own unique flavours

Ice Cream

Oreo Cookie

Apple Crumble

Eton Mess

Rhubarb & Ginger

Fruit Ices


Fruits of the Forest






Blood Orange & Pomegranate

If you would like to know more about the traditional process of making ice cream you can contact us with any questions, or better still, come and visit us at our parlour - remember the proof of the pudding (or ice cream) is in the eating!